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Geltonos Tulpės

Padovanok sau ir kitiems žydintį pavasarį. Kas, jei ne tulpės, tam idealiai tinka. Tulpė – didelės laimės, gerovės, gausos simbolis.

Price €2.10

Chrysanthemum Momoko

Chrysanthemums of soft pink colours, full bloom flowers. Lasts a long time in a vase.

Price €5.00

Carnations dyed pink

Carnations are currently experiencing a real renaissance. They show off in brides' bouquets, decorate ballrooms. The hardy and proud carnation deservedly conquers the first positions in the list of best-selling flowers. Although it is considered a man's flower, it is suitable as a gift for more...

Price €2.00


A plant suitable as a decoration or for the stylistic formation of bouquets. It lasts a long time in a vase, then dries up and remains decorative.

Price €4.50