The Paysera system is protected by the most advanced SSL encoded security certificates, the most modern technical and software solutions.

We use the IP addresses of our visitors to identify problems with the use of our website and to maintain it. In order to track the progress of the order, our site must use "cookies". The "cookie" itself does not contain any personal data, it is simply an identification code that helps us find your records on our page when you perform the next purchase step. Your cookie information is deleted from our servers when you leave our site. We do not transfer any personal data of our customers to third parties.

The contact details provided in the order form are necessary for delivering flowers and sending order confirmation messages to customers; they are used by us and the orderer. The customer's contact data is also used when it is necessary to contact the customer. However, this information is not used to send individual letters or information about our company.

Your credit card numbers are not stored on our servers. Money is deducted from credit cards and banks using the system. takes special measures to protect your browser so that pages with specified credit card numbers or bank codes are not saved in the internal memory of your browser on the hard drive.

The most vulnerable parts of this server are protected by an encrypted connection between your browser and Buyer data is visible only to the website administrator.

Neither the courier delivering the flowers, nor the person receiving the flowers, will see any of your data, except for the notes you provided when placing the order and what you write on the greeting card.