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Box with Stabilized Roses

A box of stabilised roses is a great choice for those who want to give a long-lasting decoration. Roses will please you for a long time without any care. Bright, eye-catching and loved by many sleeping roses will not leave you indifferent.

€70.00 €90.00

Sweet Red

Vibrant red blossoms and perfect sweetness - could it get any better? Say LOVE with this exclusive flower box. The composition will please for a long time and surprise everyone. A special gift for any occasion.

€80.00 €100.00

Sweet Cream

FLOWER BOX "SWEET CREAM" Bright florals and perfect sweets - could it get any better? The flower composition in an exclusive box will delight you for a long time, convenient for transportation and storage. A special gift for any occasion.

€80.00 €100.00

Gėlių dėžutė amžina meilė

Gėlių dėžutė “Amžina meilė” – tai pažadas tarp gėlių žiedų. Jauki ir romantiška dėžutė skirta vienam iš gražiausių įvykių – piršlyboms. Kruopščiai atrinksime ir sukomponuosime gėles, Jums liks tik įdėti žiedelį. Dėžutė pripildyta šilčiausių jausmų.

Price €35.00

Flower box PEACH

The flower box is created from stylish roses, chrysanthemums, berries and sprigs of various greenery, designed to give a special attention. Warm, cozy tones and long blooming plants.

Price €70.00

Flower box RED ROSES

The box is full of fragrant rose flowers - perfect for showing your loved one exceptional attention. Unfolded petals of velvet roses will surprise lovers of special flowers. A large, impressive and fragrant box.

Price €115.00