Valentine's Day

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You can meet everywhere. Listening to nostalgic jazz music in a cafe, on a train rushing to another city, on the seashore, looking for a heart-shaped stone, in a store, buying milk, at a concert, listening to your favourite music. To meet in such a way that Life changes. So that when they meet, magical Alchemy happens. Butterflies in the stomach. In a moment, the name of the person you met would become the most beautiful. That you want to celebrate Valentine's Day and the following days with that person you met. Because he is Your Love...

Valentine's Day 14.

Do you know why we celebrate Valentine's Day on February 14 and why this day is called that?

Probably many of you do not know this story. And it is as follows: that IIIa. The bishop of Rome, Valentin, married the lovers in secret, even though the emperor had issued an order prohibiting the creation of a family. Thus he wanted as many men as possible to go to war and not have a family. Valentine was convicted and posthumously canonized. Valentine's Day officially started to be celebrated in Lithuania relatively recently. The tradition of celebrating Valentine's Day came to Lithuania from the West and that day is known all over the world for red roses. It is the flower that most corresponds to the passionate feeling of love in the eyes of men. Every year we order mountains of red roses, and by the end of Valentine's Day, they are gone. But we wouldn't be Gėlėta if we didn't want to show you carefully selected more interesting rings that will undoubtedly impress your significant other. As Valentine's Day approaches, we will also offer you a completely new trend of the season - unfolded roses, which really look mystical. Folding the petals like origami requires a lot of care and patience, but the result is always stunning. Such a rose lasts no less than usual, and when given as a gift, it gives an incredible amount of admiration. Also, for Valentine's Day, we will have bouquets with romantically pastel buttercups, fragile and light as a butterfly anemones, and for those who want simplicity, we will offer multi-colored tulip bouquets.

Sometimes confessing love is so timid... It's good to have a gentle ambassador of your love - flowers! )

Just order a bouquet of flowers and they will say everything without words.

There are even 365 days a year when you can say I love you.

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