Maison and objet exhibition 2023

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After a difficult few years for everyone, the world craves authenticity more than ever. This was very noticeable in this exhibition. The creativity just oozed out of the many booths. There was a feeling of great courage, liberation, easy drive.

The Scandinavian style honorably gives way to an authentic, original and colorful interior. Although this exhibition was extremely bold and colorful, it was also clear that ecological ideas are still relevant. Many products are made from recycled plastic or plastics.

The motto of this year's Maison and objet exhibition was TAKE CARE!

TAKE CARE! This is to point out the previous slow pace for several years and how we are losing it again and again not noticing many things that we used to notice back then. In other words, let's remember that living in slow motion is also an art.

And let's not be afraid to show character in our interiors with colors. Your individuality. Colors can appear in curtains, lampshades, carpets, as well as flower pots and vases. Maybe bold and bright colors will awaken your creative personality or artistic flair.

Another very popular trend will be the return of the antique style.

In 2023, many interiors will be created, and upon entering, we will feel as if we are in a museum full of personalities.. Undoubtedly, all of this will be linked to sustainability, as models invented once will be used. Sustainability in general ranks very high this year.

So, in summary, it would be sad that our favorite minimalism gives way to solid and colorful Gausa. But Abundance can also be pure and perfect. Abundance has its own charisma and this year we will try to reveal it through our creations.

Look for new collections from the end of February!

Thanks for reading and for finding us interesting!

January 2023 Paris

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